• C4 Belt | Skinny Black Belt and Skinny Black Buckle

C4 Belt | Skinny Black Belt and Skinny Black Buckle

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C4 Belts are stylish, customizable, metal-free, vegan-friendly belts made from high quality TPE, the same material as the tread on a snowmobile (these are NOT your cheap silicone belts, and are backed by C4 Belts' Lifetime Guarantee policy).

Every C4 belt can be completely customized by switching out the buckles very easily.

C4 Belts comfortably fit ANY waist size up to 42 inches. Simply cut the belt to size and clamp on the buckle.

C4 Belts are very popular for active people— golfing, skiing, wake boarding, horseback riding, fishing, or any activity where you’re going to have fun, and need to hold up your pants or shorts. The Belts are waterproof, and can be washed in the dishwasher. C4 Belts are also travel-friendly-- no need to be removed during airport security. C4 Belts make matching your outfits easy!