Sweet Dreams Bell Sleeve Sleepshirt

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Adorable by design, our 3/4 length bell sleeve sleepshirts feature satin trimmed necklines and playful musings along the hemline with matching icons on the satin cuffs. This sleepshirt simply says "Sweet Dreams". It’s the classic way we say good night, and a logical choice for our messaging. Musicians have often written of Sweet Dreams (Patsy Cline did Sweet Dreams in the 50’s, The Eurhythmics in the 80’s and Beyoncé in 2009 – The Eurythmics did it best, of course, but who hasn't indulged in a little Patsy melancholy at times?) The sleepshirts are generously fitted in 3 sizes: L-little (6-10), LB-Little Bigger (12-16), PC-Just Plain Cozy (1X-2X).