• 2015 1-oz Je Suis Paris Pure Silver Proof

2015 1-oz Je Suis Paris Pure Silver Proof

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Je Suis Paris: I am Paris
Within minutes after the tragic attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, people around the globe spontaneously responded with the phrase Je Suis Paris - I am Paris!
Millions spoke out on social media and in the press to condemn the attacks and proclaim support for the people of Paris and all those impacted by the event.
The Paris Saint-Germain soccer team even changed its jersey in support, wearing the phrase Je Suis Paris proudly across their chests for two matches immediately following the attacks.
This powerful phrase, and the worldwide support and friendship it embodies, have inspired this One-ounce Je Suis Paris Silver Medallion. While each day's news moves on and new stories capture the attention of readers, the Je Suis Paris spirit deserves to live on as an inspiration. Now it can, thanks to this elegant medallion struck in 99.9% pure precious silver whose timeless value serves as an apt symbol and a stirring reminder.
Each One-ounce Je Suis Paris Silver Medallion is struck from a full Troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver and features the Eiffel Tower framed by the colors of the French flag, with the Je Suis Paris legend boldly struck on the face of the medallion. The reverse side bears the English translation I am Paris, alongside the date, and the silver weight and purity.
A fitting tribute to the heroic bravery displayed on that day, as well as a timeless symbol of hope and perseverance, only a limited number of these one-ounce Je Suis Paris Silver Medallions will be issued.