47" Hybrid Body Board

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Is it a Body Board or is it a mini Surfboard? You can decide… What is a beater board? It allows you to Surf when & where others can’t.
This is the board that you can use when the lifeguards close the beach to Regular Surfboards but still allows you to shred and when you build your skills stand up on it and not just ride prone. To be legal during when Blackball flag is flying you usually must have a soft top board that is less than 54” long in most jurisdictions. This board not only qualifies for that but it rocks with twin fin performance action to keep you shredding while others are dry docked and must look on in envy!
-Lightweight yet Durable Construction
-Has 2 fins to give you control and speed
-Leash is included to keep you safely attached
-47”x 18”x 2” size is legal when Beaches are Blackballed
-Great transition from Body Boarding to Surfing