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All Eyes On YOU - ybf beauty Eyebrow Pencil Duo/Mascara Combination

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Your universally favorite Eyebrow Pencil Duo and Lash Mob Mascara with Eyelash Curler together for this special StarShop event!
ybf Automatic Universal Eyebrow Pencils (2)
Lash MOB Mascaras in Original Black
Bling Eyelash Curler

Automatic Brow Pencil Duo
This unique brow collection includes the #1 selling eyebrow pencils in the WORLD; OVER 13 MILLION SOLD! It gives the absolute best universal and customizable color to create natural-looking brows every time depending on the pressure you apply! Girlfriends, eyebrows frame and define our face, so don't settle for a less-than-alluring look! And there's no need for sharpening - just twist up, apply and accentuate for a completely beYOUtiful YOU! When properly applied and groomed, your brows will help your doe eyes stand out and your entire fabYOUlous face appears balanced!
- The only brow pencil of its kind! Matches any brow hair color by applying more or less pressure; so universal - made for all hair types, colors and skin tones; changes up to 22 shades!
- Specially formulated for easy application in short, feathery strokes!
- Brow brush on one end completes that perfectly groomed look!
- Gives customizable color and natural-looking brows!
- Flatters and enhances all brow colors!
ybf Lash Mob and Eyelash Curler
Oh, those eyes! Those big, beYOUtiful eyes! There's only one thing that could make them even more stunning, and the water-resistant Italian mascara, along with one blinged-out eye lash curler, makes your lashes look voluminous and glossy, so everyone has one more reason to look at those big, beautiful eyes!!
Lash MOB Mascara Original Black
- Specially formulated water-resistant mascara with Vitamin E
- Creates the look of voluminous, long and glossy lashes
- Keeps lashes soft and not sticky
- Unique half-moon multi-teeth brush helps you achieve high definition at extreme lengths
- Half-moon brush transforms each individual lash with complete control

Eyelash curler
- Helps you achieve a perfect curl and enhance the length of your lashes
- Accented with red crystal stones for a little sparkle
All ybf products are infused with Smart Active Immune Complex and enriched with extracts from the earth! This complex helps skin look radiant and younger-looking. When your skin is stressed by UV damage, air pollution, smoking, etc. this innovative complex acts as your personal skin monitor to trigger your immune system to help protect against environmental damage!
ybf CARES FOR YOU & YOUR WORLD! This product is paraben & cruelty free!