D24K Body Treatment Lavender Set - Scrub / Body Butter

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D'OR Lavender Body Scrub:
Reenergize your body for a clean, refreshed feel. D'OR 24K Deluxe Salt Scrub, infused with passionfruit and lavender oil, is the perfect blend of ingredients with all natural oils that breathe energy into your body. Improve your body's circulation by invigorating the skin and opening pores to remove the dead skin cells that make your skin dull and lifeless. Finally the underlying cells have a chance to live a new life on the surface to stimulate your skin.
D'OR Lavender Body Butter:
Be gone, dry skin and cracked elbows. The natural oils in D'OR 24k Body Butter provide the essential moisture your skin's been craving. With the perfect blend of lavender and passionfruit oils, this deep moisturizer is creamy, luscious, and smells absolutely delicious. Your tough, rough, and dry skin will take on a new life with the help of a shea butter-South Sea Pearl infusion. Say hello to fresh, supple skin all day long.