• Deep Sea Cosmetics Axiom - Refining Cleansing Cream

Deep Sea Cosmetics Axiom - Refining Cleansing Cream

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CLEANSING: The Axiom refining cleansing cream refines delicate facial skin. Beyond cleansing surface oils and dead skin cells, this cream penetrates to deliver our unique plant stem cell formula deep into the dermis, encouraging skin cells to renew youthful texture and protecting against UV rays that cause premature aging. The formula is paired with extracts of linden Blossom and Melissa extract, which tone and relax facial tissues. Plus chamomile, which soothes and calms skin while enhancing vibrancy at the surface. Recommended for daily use, this light but effective cleanser eliminates make-up residue and oils while purifying your skin, restoring its pH level and revealing a new surface that welcomes make up or moisturizers.