• Deep Sea Cosmetics Black Diamond-Magnetism Mud Mask

Deep Sea Cosmetics Black Diamond-Magnetism Mud Mask

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Deep Sea Cosmetics Laboratories have created an exclusive formula abounding in pure earth elements synergistically blended with minerals from the Dead Sea, Peptides complex, Herbal extracts and Magnet healing effects to bring you the zenith of health and beauty. This cutting-edge product, available exclusively by Deep Sea Cosmetics, is essential for proper skin care and for your spiritual well being. The scientific theory is that Magnetic fields perturb the body’s own magnetic energy, which, in turn, triggers more conventional biochemical and physiological mechanisms such as: increase blood flow, bringing in more oxygen and nutrients and flushing away waste products. It also modulates calcium flow through the body, which is essential to many physiological processes. Altering the acidity or alkalinity of body fluids, which are often out of balance with illness and altering enzyme activity and other biochemical processes, such as the production of ATP (a molecule that provides cellular fuel for the entire body, stimulating electromagnetic energy flow through acupuncture meridians). General uses include relief of pain and discomfort, reduction of inflammation, improved circulation, the ability to fight infections, reduction of stress, sleep promotion, correction of various central nervous system disorders and overall energy enhancement. The Black Diamond Magnetism Mud Mask goes deeper (it’s going deep beneath the skin’s surface to unclog pores embedded with dirt and oils) with the magical power – the mud from the depths of the Dead Sea infused with Peptides Complex used as an anti-wrinkle and anti-expression lines treatment. This particular formula contains moisturizing components as well, such as Sweet almond oil, Citrus oil and Beeswax, which hydrate and moisturize the skin giving it elasticity and radiance. By applying the Mask you contribute to long revered benefits like improving blood circulation and natural skin regeneration.