• Deep Sea Cosmetics HEXALIN™ - Elasto Lift Thermal Mask

Deep Sea Cosmetics HEXALIN- Elasto Lift Thermal Mask

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MASK: This unique thermal technology releases a warm sensation that reaches deep within pores, opening and purifying them, diminishing the look of pores by aiding to dissolve and dislodge the build-up of impurities that can thrust pores open, thus making them appear larger. It gently warms to the touch, using micro-peeling to remove dead skin cells from the upper layers of your skin and prepares the skin to more effectively absorb the contained natural protein and vitamins. Made with a combination of 6 amino acids in the form of hexapeptides, Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and powerful anti-aging antioxidants, this exclusive mask is a water-activated, self-heating formula that deeply warms the skin to relax pores. Enhance your skin’s condition to reveal the beautiful look of soft and vibrant skin from your youth. This Thermal Mask combines Hexalin technology designed for mature skin with highly concentrated vitamins E & C to actively treat your skin’s texture and reveal new skin with a tighter, smoother, younger appearance within a few short weeks.