• Deep Sea Cosmetics White Angel-Pigment Whitening Cream

Deep Sea Cosmetics White Angel-Pigment Whitening Cream

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CREAM: Balance is important in our daily lives. It’s equally as important for our skin. Prolonged sun exposure causes excess production of melanin, leading to discoloration and age spots that leave your skin unbalanced in tone and texture. White Angel - Pigment Whitening Cream by Deep Sea Cosmetics helps your skin get back on an even keel again. Intensively penetrating your skin with Dead Sea Minerals, Peptides Complex, Vitamins, Omega-3 and exclusive whitening complex called Nano White. It contains natural Arbutin from Bearberry leaves which keeps your skin on track. Recommended for all skin types, particularly complexions with noticeable dullness, uneven skin tone, discloration & signs of fatigue such as dark under-eye circles.