• Advanced Sonic Toothbrush with UV Charger  - Sky Edition

Advanced Sonic Toothbrush with UV Charger

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The Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizing Charging Base delivers a powerful 31,000 sonic brush strokes per minute to remove disease-causing plaque for an enhanced brushing experience. It's simple and easy to use controls offer a selection of 3 brushing modes, normal, soft for sensitive teeth, and pulse for gum massage. The 2-minute timer encourages you to brush for the dentist recommended time, while a 30-second interval timer gently pauses to remind you to thoroughly brush all areas of your mouth. The Advanced Sonic Toothbrush by Dazzlepro provides approximately two weeks of twice-a-day brushing on a full charge. A convenient indicator situated on the toothbrush head reminds you when to recharge. Comes with 3 brush heads, each of which is designed with a silicone tip and tongue brush to effectively clean your entire mouth. Charging base includes integrated UV Sanitizer to kill germs and bacteria on toothbrush head. Available in Twilight or Sky edition.

• 31,000 brush strokes per minute of un-compromised performance
• 3 brushing modes including normal, soft for sensitive teeth, and pulse for gum massage
• 2-minute timer ensures with 30-second intervals encourages even brushing for dentist recommended time
• Charging base includes UV sanitizer storage unit that holds up to four toothbrush heads
• Rechargeable design provides two weeks of power on a single charge
7.8 L X 4 W X 5.8 H, 1.25 lb