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Travel Charging Case with UV Charger

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The UV Sanitizing Charging Case is portable for use at home, office or while traveling. Equipped with UV technology and a 7 minute auto-timer to effectively kill germs and bacteria while keeping your toothbrush fully charged. Simply place your brush heads inside the sanitizing case and close the cover to activate the UV light. The device will shut-off automatically after 7 minutes when the sanitization process is complete. USB rechargeable battery provides the ultimate convenience when on the road. To recharge, simply plug the UV Sanitizing Charging Case into your computer or USB adaptor. One charge lasts up to 2 weeks of regular brushing. To charge your toothbrush, simply insert the toothbrush handle into the charging case. Store the toothbrush handle in the charging case to maintain full power for everyday use. Compatible with all Elite and Advanced Dazzlepro Sonic Toothbrush models.

* UV light kills germs and bacteria
* Compact & portable design is perfect for travel
* USB rechargeable, full charge lasts up to 2 weeks
* 7-minute sanitization process with automatic shut-off
* Doubles as a storage case and charger
* Compatible with Elite and Advanced Dazzelpro sonic models
9.625 L X 2.125 W X 6.625 H, 0.8 lb