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1" x 1" x 3" Set the mood with Smart FX LED light bulbs. Whether you want to throw a wild dance party with “strobe mode”, or bring positive energy to a room with gradually changing warm colors, Smart FX provides endless customization capabilities at the tip of your finger. Controlled directly from your Smartphone, users can dim, brighten, change the color, and turn on/off your lights through an easy to use app available for iOS and Android.

Schedule functions & set timers to fit your daily routine.

Enter “Disco Mode” so your lights change with your music.

Customize the color, mode, and brightness (more than 16 million variations)

Save money on your electric bill. LED light bulbs last up to 40,000 hours (27 years) and use roughly 10% if the energy regular light bulbs use.

Control up to 5 Smart FX light bulbs at once.

This light bulb connects to your home wifi and gives users the ability to control lights from outside the house.