• Travel Oral Irrigator

Travel Oral Irrigator

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The Dazzlepro Travel Oral Irrigator utilizes a powerful water stream of 1,420 pulses per minute to eliminate plaque and food debris from deep between your teeth and below your gum line. Significantly more effective at removing plaque than string flossing alone and a gentle alternative to those with gum sensitivity. Leaves your mouth feeling incredibly fresh and clean, just like after a professional dental cleaning. Equipped with an advanced water pressure control system, the unit offers Normal and Soft operating modes to match your comfort level. Collapsible design is portable and convenient for travel. 2-Minute Auto Timer ensures the optimal flossing time is achieved. Especially effective for people who wear braces as the water stream can reach between wires and brackets easily. Includes a rechargeable battery and an easy-to-fill water tank.

* Reaches deep between teeth to eliminate plaque
* Delivers 1,420 pulses per minute
* Collapsible design makes it portable for travel
* Normal & Soft operating modes to match your comfort level
* Rechargeable battery, one charge lasts approx. 1 month
* Easy-to-fill water tank & 2-minute auto timer
9 L X 4 W X 2.75 H, 1.2 lb