• Bacon Lovers Feast

Bacon Lovers Feast

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Bacon, bacon, bacon...what's not to love?

It's perfect for lazy Saturday mornings, paired with pancakes and coffee, even better on a classic turkey sandwich, or the crowning glory around your grilled filet mignon or scallops.

Anyway you have it is heaven. It's always the perfect mix of salty, crunchy, and meaty in one bite.

We've put together our favorite mix of sweet and savory bacon in this package - it's a foolproof gift idea for the meaty lover in your life, but don't forget to grab a pack for you and the family too!

Here's what you get:

1 pound of applewood smoked maple bacon
1 pound of cracked pepper bacon
1 pound of apple pie bacon

To ensure your order arrives safely, we must charge $16.95 for shipping. This covers a reusable cooler, dry ice, and FedEx service that will have you chowing down on bacon in no time!