• Laundry Must Have Kit

Laundry Must Have Kit

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This kit contains our 16 ounce, award winning fabric cleaner. This gentle solution is safe for the most delicate fabrics while removing red wine, dirt, ink, coffee, blood and most stubborn stains. Simply blot the stain, apply the product and let sit for five minutes and then gently rub until the stain disappears. Reapply, if necessary. The kit also inlcudes our new 32 ounce laundry cleaner. Our all purpose laundry cleaner is gentle enough for daily washings of your most delicate apparel. The all natural formula preserves and whitens all while eradicating even the toughest stains. Use it often to keep your wardrobe in pristine condition and your dry-cleaning bill at a fraction of its usual cost! These products, and all our products, have received the Environmental Protection Agency's most stringent designation, Design for the Environment, and have outperformed the competition on common stains in independent laboratory testing.