Gentle Tea Cleanser & Gentle Toner Set

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Anti-Aging duo of 4 oz. bottle Gentle Tea Cleanser & 4 oz. bottle Gentle Toner

Gentle Tea Cleanser - 4 fl. oz. For all skin types. This 81% organic, non-foaming, organic Aloe juice and anti-oxidant rich Green Tea Extract based cleanser is perfect for deep-cleaning and sloughing off dead skin layers. It reduces flaking, promotes collagen development and restores suppleness. Organic Lavender and Witch Hazel Distillates act as soothing astringents while emollient Grapeseed Oil adds moisture which is locked in by the humectant properties of organic Honey and Vegetable Glycerin. Anti-inflammatory Willow Bark Extract reduces irritation as Neem Oil fights follicle infecting microbial.

Gentle Toner - 4 oz. - For all skin types. 95% organic and loaded with DMAE & MSM. DMAE is an amazing nutrient that gives the skin a toned and firm appearance. MSM is soothing and calming, especially for irritated and inflamed skin. Toners are a critical part of a daily skin regime to help close the pores after a cleansing and lift any dirt or oil brought to the surface with your cleanser. DMAE can cause a tingling sensation.