27" Caribe Skateboard

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27”x 8.8 Beach & Town Cruiser with 7 ply all hardwood maple deck, rugged aluminum trucks & durable 70mm PU wheels and Swallow Tail kick tail. This board was created especially but not exclusively with a female rider in mind. It is a great combination of performance and fashion with its stylish Awning Strips themed graphic.
It is tuned up to move smoothly, maintain stability and with a touch more grace but can still compete and usually beat any board out there!
This is your “go to” means for getting around town, on campus or especially along the Boardwalk. It fits conveniently in a locker or a backpack but glides through the world effortlessly.
Featuring a wide stable & comfortable deck for stability, go anywhere “grippy” PU wheels and a kick tail to get you over the bumps & curbs in life; this is the board that can do it all. Great Performance, Top Quality as well as Style and Comfort all in one tight but affordable very cool cruizer…
-7 Ply Natural Hardwood Maple Deck with Clear Grip
-Smooth & “grippy” 65 x51mm 80A PU Wheels
-Durable & Lightweight 6” Aluminum Trucks
-Smooth Handling Standard Kingpin Trucks
-Precision ABEC 5 Bearings and Hollow 4mm Risers
-Wheel Wells to Prevent “Wheel Bite” on Turns
Wide stable 8.8” deck for “going the distance”