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ybf Automatic Universal Brow Pencil Duo

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ybf Automatic Universal Brow Pencil Duo: This unique brow collection includes the #1 selling eyebrow pencils in the WORLD, which gives the absolute best universal and customizable color to create natural-looking brows every time! Sometimes our brows have a mind of their own! It's time to take back the control, Girlfriends! Make those unruly brows behave - form and function time has arrived! Eyebrows frame and define your face, so don't settle for a less-than-alluring look! ybf eyebrow pencils match any hair and skin color and there's no need for sharpening - just twist up, apply and accentuate for a completely beYOUtiful look. Your brows frame and define every aspect of your face. When properly applied and groomed, your brows will help your doe eyes stand out and your entire fabYOUlous face appears balanced. Liners, shadows and mascara will fall short without your full faith in your brow ability but with your new faith, honey, you will feel emPOWERED, look incredible and have unstoppable brows that WOW every day! I promise! Now let's get started! Benefits & Features: Customizable color works with ALL skin tones and hair color to shape, fills-in, softens/darkens and even disguises platinum shades of silver! FOR ULTIMATE BROWS THAT WOW! The only brow pencil of its kind! This FAB brow pencil changes color based upon the amount of pressure you apply so it's universal & made for all hair types, colors and skin tones! Specially formulated eye brow pencil for easy application in short, feathery strokes! Spoolie brush on one end of your pencil completes that perfectly groomed technique that creates the look of real hair follicles when you use it to blend! All ybf products are infused with Smart Active Immune Complex and enriched with extracts from the earth! This complex helps skin look radiant and younger-looking! ybf CARES FOR YOU & YOUR WORLD! This product is safe, paraben & cruelty free.