• LA Spin Massager

LA Spin Massager

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•Relieves everyday aches & pains
•Alleviates muscle tensions
•Improves circulation of the blood & lymph nodes
•Tones, slims & relaxes
•Portable & lightweight
•Includes massager & 4 interchangeable attachments

Relieves everyday aches and pains with the benefits of a regular body massage, whether it’s smooth, gentle, hard or deep. If used correctly and on a continual basis, massage relieves muscle tension and improves circulation of the blood and lymph nodes for an overall, better well being. LA Spin is a professional muscle toning massager that tones, slims and helps you relax. It targets abs, buns, thighs, calves and underarms. Plus, it’s also portable and lightweight, so you can use it anywhere for a relaxing massage. Includes LA Spin massager and 4 interchangeable attachments.