• Introducing, the Oak Bottle Master Infuser with Flavor Notes of Chocolate

Oak Bottle Master Infuser With Flavors (750ml)

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Oak Bottle makes inexpensive wine or liquor taste like an expensive vintage in just 24 - 48 hrs. Unlike oak chips, infusion spirals and oak barrels, the Oak Bottle can infuse complex oak notes into wine or spirits in 24 to 48 hours and it is extremely simple to use. Considered the smallest and fastest oak aging vessel ever made, the Oak Bottle has a volume of just 750ml. What took months or years before takes just hours now with Oak Bottle. It's not just for wine. Pour in some whiskey, leave for 48 hours and taste it transform into a top shelf whiskey, or try turning silver blanco tequila into gold anejo in just a few days. The secret to the Oak Bottle's speed at accelerating the oak aging process is its surface area over volume ratio and the bottles patent pending design that for the first time, provides you access to the traditional barrel aging process but in the palm of your hand and in the comfort of your home.