The Enhanced Pet Bowl - Stainless Steel

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The Enhanced Pet Bowl, in stainless steel, was designed with a patented sloped modification incorporated into the backend of the bowl that benefits all breeds of dogs. Originally, The Enhanced Pet Bowl was designed for flat faced breeds who instinctively push the food up against the sides of the bowl to help with grasping the morsels of food. The over-sized feeding area provides an always exposed slope or ridge that now acts like a tool for your pet! They will quickly instinctively learn to push the food up on the ridge, allowing them to easily and successfully separate their food on the angled eating surface within The Enhanced Pet Bowl itself. The results; reduced mess, reduced gas or bloating, helps relieve digestive issues, no food getting in their face, and no more need to take the food out and put it on the floor. With The Enhanced Pet Bowl, your dog will push their food to a more natural 45 degree angle and spend their time chewing their food rather than dealing with the struggles of eating from a traditional flat bowl. Finally, a bowl made for pets! It truly is like giving your pet a Knife & Fork! For dogs between 20 - 55 lbs, capable of holding 2-21/2 cups of kibble.