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True Writer Royal Fountain Pen

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The True Writer fountain pen with regal flair
A fountain pen this beautiful should be seen in the hands of a writer who will be inspired by its flair. Feast your eyes on the True Writer Royal Fountain Pen, a classic True Writer design in a vivid shade of purple with shiny marbleized flecks and gleaming chrome band and clip.
The True Writer design story
By the end of the last millennium, the ubiquitous disposable pen had just about taken over. Though a few pen companies still catered to serious collectors with elaborate, intricate (and exorbitantly expensive) designs, it had been years since anyone offered a beautifully made everyday pen. Inspired by the Esterbrook Pen Company, which served the writing needs of the general public for almost a hundred years, Levenger set out to inspire contemporary writers with a modern take on the classics. In February, 1999, the very first True Writer was introduced.

- German-engineered, stainless steel nib
- Nib is interchangeable with all standard true writer and Levenger fountain pens
- Threaded cap
- Resin barrel
- Chrome appointments
- Includes a cartridge and converter
- Barrel has room to accommodate a spare cartridge